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Balsam Amaro is made with over 30 ingredients, including herbs, roots, spices, wormwood and rare teas.

Add the nuance of dozens of rare botanicals with one ingredient Bittersweet Liqueur consisting of Brandy with Fruit and Spices, 44% ABV, 375ml and 1000ml

Serving Suggestions: Serve in a cocktail, on the rocks or added to any wine, 1 part Amaro - 4 parts wine, to make your own vermouth Add the nuance of dozens of rare botanicals with one ingredient


Balsam ROSE

Complex enough to never get boring, refreshing enough to enjoy sip after sip Rosato Vermouth. Off-dry New York Chambourcin rose with hibiscus flowers and melons, 19% ABV, 750ml and 20L Keg

Serving Suggestions: Serve tall with soda and a lime wedge, frozen with lemonade or in a 50/50 Martini with equal parts Pisco, Gin, White Whiskey or Mezcal


Balsam Magnolia

Aperitif wines have been the original bottled wine cocktail for over two centuries. A magnolia blossom and elderflower scented Cayuga Blanc aperitif wine, 19% ABV, 750ml and 20L Keg.

 Serving Suggestions: Enjoy tall with soda and a lemon wheel, frozen in a margarita or in a 50/50 Martini with equal parts BALSAM WHITE and vodka, gin, Applejack or Tequila


Balsam gold

Private Reserve Vermouth. We believe this to be the world's first hand-picked ice wine-based vermouth, 21% ABV, 375ml.  Our first release of Balsam Private Reserve Vermouths made with some of the world's most legendary wines.

Serving Suggestions: Serve chilled with decadent foods from foie gras to gateau or mixed in a luxury cocktail


Balsam red

Sweet Vermouth inspired by an 18th Century Italian formula, made for the 21st Century. This is one of America's only vermouths using artemisia absinthium and hence is a rarity of American Vermouths. Blaufrankisch grapes, Artemisia Absinthium Wormwood, fruits, roots, vanilla, whole spices and rare teas, 17% ABV, 375ml.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy on the rocks with an orange slice or in your favorite classic cocktail such as a Manhattan made extraordinary with Truffe Amere Fresh Perigord Truffle Bitters

Truffe Amere

The world’s only bitters made with authentic French Perigord Truffles.  40% ABV, 55ml.

Serving Suggestions: Add a couple drops to your favorite Manhattan or Negroni for a truly unique twist on the classics.

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RTC Southern Decadence Magnolia Shrubbery

Our proprietary oolong tea is scented with fresh magnolia blossoms 7-10 times then brewed and made into an organic cane syrup with vintage cane vinegar from the deep south.

Serving Suggestions: Add one part shrub to three parts iced tea for a sophisticated spirit free cocktail. Spike with 50ml (1.5oz) rum, vodka or bourbon for a special treat.

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